June 29, 2015

Aeolus' new ‘European’ ATR33 trailer tyre available

- PRESS RELEASE - Aeolus Tyres has developed the new ATR33 trailer tyre based on market-related information collected by Heuver Tyrewholesale. This tyre, with its 4-layer strip technology, is available immediately in size 385/65R22.5 (160K/158L TL). The new carcase and specially applied profile allow the tyre to meet the very highest standards. It is thus a genuine ‘European’ tyre.

Top quality

“The ATR33 has been introduced on the back of extensive market research we carried out for Aeolus”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “We interviewed large international and regional transporters in Europe about their preferences for trailer tyres. The results identified three main factors - durability, high stability and suitability for tread renewal. Aeolus then translated these preferences into a new tyre: the ATR33 385/65R22.5 (160K/158L TL). The tyre was very successful during our testing procedure, and is thus ready for delivery. In the truck sector, the ATR33 will be a new, modern tyre which honours our brand slogan ‘Technology meets Performance’. We have very high hopes for this trailer tyre which will, thanks to its innovations, set the standard for competitively-priced top quality tyres.”

The latest technology

In order to achieve the highest level of durability, Aeolus went a step further than standard approaches and examined more than just the rubber mix. This resulted in a strong carcase and a new profile with S-shaped longitudinal grooves and closed shoulder elements. This makes the ATR33 durable and robust, because little stones no longer become lodged in the profile and because the shoulders are less likely to deform due the friction created during manoeuvres. Bertus Heuver: “The carcase of the ATR33 has been constructed using the latest 4-layer strip technology. This has resulted in excellent ‘roundness’ and makes the tyre ideal for tread renewal. The tyre has thus met strict European norms and requirements, which are the most stringent in the world. And in practice, it will take performance-related standards to new highs.”

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