Aeolus Eco-Twin: a second life for tyres

Hot retreading – what is it? Engineers and technicians under¬stand this to mean something known as vulcanisation. This is a common procedure in the commercial vehicle sector.

This method is known as Eco-Twin by Aeolus and importer Heuver. Before it is applied, the casing undergoes an extensive quality control procedure. X-raying and / or shearography are the industry standard for this. The tyre is only passed for the system process once it has been established that it meets the prescribed standards. The casing is then buffed so as to ensure that the best possible new connection to the tread can be achieved. To make this technically possible, the tyres to be retreaded are heated to a temperature of around 150 degrees Celsius. With this, the tread is joined – vulcanised – to “its” base, the casing. A separate mould is required for each dimension for this complex procedure. This requires high levels of investment which are economical only for market-relevant companies. As far as quality is concerned, a tyres retreaded in this way does not differ much from its first-life “siblings”. As a result, there are generally no real losses in direct comparison with new tyres in terms of the most important benchmark data for the tyre.

  • This is because the same materials are used as the ones used to produce new tyres. 
  • This is why this system is widespread in the commer¬cial vehicle sector, because it offers transport pros tangible – read: monetary – benefits: most importantly, reusing the casing saves on resources. Depending on the type and size of the tyre, this represents around 70 per cent of the total mass of the tyre. Reusing the tyre saves on this. 
  • So Eco-Twin means that only around 30 per cent of the raw materials and energy needed to make new tyres is required for this process. 
  • And the price is great too: for the most part, these tyres cost just over half the price of new tyres. 
  • This procedure is also a vital element of the Aeolus Driveability Concept. Here, new tyres on the steer axle are combined with retreaded HN805/ATR65 in the required size 385/65R22.5 on the first trailer axles, thereby allowing the transport company to reduce costs directly. 
  • In addition, the extensive casing purchase warranty effectively helps to enhance cost efficiency. And last but not least, this procedure and the Heuver concept are making a sustainable contribution to further reduction of environmental impact.
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