The Aeolus casing warranty

Environmental protection and economisation on resources on the one hand, and interesting financial considerations on the other – this is the Aeolus casing warranty. An extremely robust basic tyre structure, the casing, forms the basis for the top quality hot retreading process, known as Eco-Twin at Heuver. This process is used when the tyre has reached the end of its first life, when the new profile has been used up and professional regrooving is required.

The casing warranty and Eco-Twin are an elementary component of the Driveability concept in which new tyres on the steer axle and drive axle of the truck are combined with tyres on the first trailer axle which have been given a second chance. This offers haulage companies significant – read: monetary – benefits. This is possible due to the fact that around 70 per cent of the total mass of the tyre is “put back on the road”. Using the tyre for a second time generally costs just over half as much as a new tyre, and so doing this would immediately have a sustain¬able effect on more positive earnings and cost effectiveness at any company. And with it comes the knowledge that the tyre has been recycled, rather than being dumped somewhere. Here, too, the company underlines its claim of being able to offer a genuine alternative to the famous top brands.

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