July 3, 2014

Aeolus now has a winter tyre for drive axles and steering axles

Each year, the pre-summer period tends to be the most important period for winter tyres. This applies to orders as well as the introduction of new tyres. Aeolus will be using Reifen Essen 2014 to showcase a new addition to its winter tyres range: the ASW80. This tyre is the steering axle version of the existing ADW80 (for drive axles).

ASW80/ADW80 major improvement in performance

“Safety is always important. However, during the winter, strictly adhering to transport schedules is certainly of equal importance”, states Bertus Heuver, director Heuver Tyrewholesale. “When conditions like rain, snow and ice are encountered, transporters still want to meet their delivery obligations. And if trucks have been fitted with suitable tyres, their cargo can reach its destination on time. The Aeolus ASW80/ADW80 winter tyres offer maximum certainty. Thanks to an excellent profile, they offer superb grip and stability in winter conditions. This reduces pressure on logistical planning and results in fewer accidents due to slippery wheels or loss of control. Winter tyres are important because they help to avoid unpleasant surprises. And that's good for business. Aeolus winter tyres offer a two-fold business advantage: due to their reliability and due to their excellent price/quality ratio. Our winter tyres are ultimate proof of our slogan: Aeolus by Heuver - The Leading Alternative.” 

Latest profile technology

Aeolus ASW/ADW winter tyres incorporate the latest technological trends. This includes an extra-deep profile with special strip technology and inter-connected profile blocks. This helps to create extra reliability and driving comfort, and improves the life span. The ASW/ADW winter tyres have an extra-wide profile that offers perfect grip. And together with the inter-connected profile blocks, this helps to create extra reliability and stability. Naturally, the ASW and ADW tyres meet all certification criteria. Aeolus winter tyres offer maximum certainty in road safety and logistical planning.

Aeolus Tyres marker

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