July 23, 2013

Aeolus present at Truck Grand Prix 2013

Last weekend, Aeolus once again attended the Truck Grand Prix at the Nurburgring in Germany. Partly thanks to the fantastic weather, the Truck Grand Prix was a major success. This was the 28th edition of the festival, which has developed into the most important truck motor-sport event of the year. Besides the races, there was also space for companies to present themselves to the public, as well as various forms of evening entertainment, including a performance by Nena in front of over 40,000 people. This resulted in over 165,000 visitors during the course of the weekend, which makes this the biggest event in the FIA European Truck racing championship.


On Friday, the pop and rock podium was the hub of all activity. Nena was the most famous artist to perform at the Truck Grand Prix in the past 28 years. And she certainly did not disappoint. She treated the public to a mix of new songs and old classics. Saturday's activities had a Country theme, and featured German Country stars like Hermann Lammers Meyer, Dagmar Lay D and Tom Astor.

FIA European truck racing championship

The good weather attracted many visitors to the race track. Unfortunately, the races themselves were not particularly exciting due to the lack of competition for championship positions. The four series were dominated by Jochen Haan and Spaniard Antonio Albacete, with one first place and two second places for Albacete and a first, second and third place for Hahn. The Spaniard now has a 12-point lead in the championship. Click here to view a lap from the truck of Steffi Halm

Within the ring, visitors were able to see the various teams preparing their vehicles and get a close look at some off the racing trucks.

Many teams also used this opportunity to offer a wide range of merchandising.

For all the family

Further, many companies were also present at the site, which created a pleasant atmosphere with activities to suit all visitors. Mercedes Benz held a number of demonstrations with the new Actros, Arocs and Antos. There were also various drift demonstrations by the 15 best drifters in Europe, and Ralf Niebergall - one of Germany's most renowned air-show pilots - provided a spectacular flying display on Sunday.

The AE77 by Aeolus also attracted a lot of attention and was centre stage in many children's photos!


With a view across the treacherous NGK Chicane, Aeolus had a fantastic position on the circuit and could offer all visitors a great view of the track. From this vantage point, visitors were able to enjoy all the exciting races and demonstrations. The Chicane also caused various truck collisions during the race and countless spins during the drift demonstrations.

Aeolus' specialists Coen Heerdink, Peter Kraus, Helmut Haak and Jochem Dragt were also present to answer all questions about Aeolus. In addition, the 12 main profiles had been displayed in 14 sizes, so tyres could be compared against each other.

The Aeolus stand was also the ideal place to have a quite drink and chill out in the shade while recovering from the sweltering weather and exciting races. Customers were very pleased with the Aeolus stand, which allowed Aeolus dealers to give their valued customers a great location and convince them about the Aeolus brand.

Aeolus Tyres marker

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